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ULTRA Biostimulants for Growing Sugarcane

With global production of sugarcane over 1.9 billion tonnes sugarcane feeds and fuels the planet. Sugarcane is a major source of Ethanol and Bagasse used in Bio Fuels. ULTRA Biostimulants are helping farmers to reduce fresh water use and minimize run offs by reducing the amount of pesticides needed for harvests. 

Farm health and greater sustainability.

We are very excited about this product and are looking forward to treating a far bigger area and seeing the same positive results that are very evident here. I really like that this a long term product that doesn't adversely impact our land for the future.


La Sonrisa, Guatemala

March, 2015


The difference between treated and untreated is clearly visible. During the grand growth period, more foliage was observed with an obvious increase in chlorophyll displayed in the deep green color of the leaf.

La Sonrisa Family Farm, 2015


BENEFITS Of ULTRA Biostimulants for Growing Sugarcane

• Increased Sugar Production

• Reduces leaching of nutrients

• Increased Photosynthesis

• Increases CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

• Speeds Plant Nutrient Uptake

• Plant is Quicker to Maturity

• Improves overall Health of Plant

• Aids in Keeping Fertilizer in Root Zone

• Up to 25% increase in Height

• Sugar Purity increase by 3%

About ULTRA Biostimulants

ULTRA Biostimulants have been developed to enrich the soil with good soil bacteria, increase the CEC and Organic Carbon content, increase the growth of mycorrhizae, and to condition the soil matrix, thus increasing moisture retention and reducing leaching to provide farmers with continued and sustainable growth year after year. 

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ULTRA Biostimulants Garden​ 

Formulated for growing plants, vegetables and flowers  Ultra Bio Green Garden plant biostimulant enhances the growth of most plants, fruits, and vegetables. Our all natural and highly concentrated formula can safely be applied in certified organic gardens or yards, working well in all types of conditions and lasting for an entire grow-cycle.

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ULTRA Biostimulants for


ULTRA Biostimulants for

ULTRA Biostimulants for

ULTRA Biostimulants for

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