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TRIALS - The Science and Application of ULTRA Biostimulants

Through years of trials and scientific testing, we have developed proven protocols for the use of ULTRA Biostimulants. ULTRA can be applied in most growing environments, tank mixed, added to soil, or hydroponic systems with ease, and is environmentally safe. Below you will find a list of trial tested protocols for plants and vegetables in various growing environments. ULTRA can be scaled up and applied in outdoor and indoor growing. 

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ULTRA Gold and Garden TM A.jpg

ULTRA Biostimulants Garden​  and Gold

Formulated for growing plants, vegetables and flowers Ultra Biostimulants Garden and Gold plant biostimulants enhances the growth of most plants, fruits, and vegetables. Our all natural and highly concentrated formula can safely be applied in certified organic gardens or yards, working well in all types of conditions and lasting for an entire grow-cycle.

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