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ULTRA Biostimulants for Cannabis and Hemp
Higher Yield, Less Pollination, Quicker to Grow

The current “green rush” has brought with it an intense focus on large-scale cannabis cultivation. ULTRA Biostimulants GOLD is a novel Biostimulant developed for growing Cannabis and Hemp in soil and hydroponically, and has been trial tested indoors and outdoors producing outstanding results in various environments.

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ULTRA Biostimulants GOLD

Specially formulated for growing Cannabis and Hemp, our ULTRA GOLD product is carefully formulated as a Hydroponic or Soil growing solution. Independent trials of ULTRA GOLD average 11 - 15% greater yields of dry flower.


ULTRA GOLD is now available for purchase through our online store and select specialty store in the United States.

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The Cannabis Brands of the Future are Seeded Today.

Specializing and focusing on market segments will be key for growers looking to profit in the long term. 

What most growers and investors should focus on is controlling brands and the distribution points for those brands.  The same market factors that have decimated the domestic production market for greenhouse-produced vegetables and cut flowers will likely eventually be at play in the cannabis market.

Hydroponic Grow Trial

Image: Tahoe OG at day 50


Heavier, larger, denser, and more trichrome rich buds are what all growers seek.  I clearly saw this happening during my tests, and believe it still has room to be even further improved by increasing the amounts and frequency of ULTRA Biostimulants used in my nutrients.  I firmly believe that ULTRA helps plants and trichromes reach maturity faster.

Hydroponic Grower

Greenhouse Grow

Image: Tahoe OG at day 50


The crop reached maturity to harvest approximately 3 full weeks quicker than other growers in this county.  This also accounts, at least partially, for the dramatically reduced pollination and seed production in the crop vs. other growers in the county.

Greenhouse Grower


The Benefits of ULTRA  Biostimulants for Cannabis & Hemp

• Increased absorption of foliar feed

• Increased ability for soil to retain moisture

• Increased metabolism

• Bigger stronger plants

• Increased CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

• Larger roots

• Better nutrient exchange

• Reduced agrochemical inputs

• Bigger more consistent yields

• Increased fertility

High Yielding Harvests


Cannabis yields are highly variable depending on variety, production conditions and production methods. ULTRA Biostimulants develops strong and fast growing plants with consistent yields which can easily be scaled up without compromising quality.

ULTRA Biostimulants for


ULTRA Biostimulants for

ULTRA Biostimulants for


ULTRA Biostimulants for


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