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ULTRA Biostimulants for growing SOD and TURF
Turf grasses account for 2% of the continental US land. Realizing a more sustainable future requires a well-rounded approach to all that we plant and cultivate with a more water-efficient solution.

The Responsibility of Creating Green Spaces​

There are over 15,000 Golf Courses in the United States, each using  between 100,000 and 1 million gallons of water per week during season.  By improving the sods root system and ability to retain water, watering and the use of chemical fertilizers can be drastically reduced. With sod growing on over 40 million acres of land in the continental United States, ULTRA can impact and improve the odds of a greener future. Let's Grow Together.

The Benefits of ULTRA Biostimulants for Sod & Turf

• Enhanced Color

• Reduced Fertilizer use by up to 25%

• Much improved Root System

• Withstand Drought Conditions Better

• Improved Soil Water Retention

• Reduced Disease Pressure

• Reduced Compaction Issues

• Increases Nutrient Uptake

ULTRA Biostimulants for Turf

ULTRA Biostimulants have been developed to enrich the soil with good soil bacteria, increase the CEC and Organic Carbon content, and to condition the soil matrix, thus increasing moisture retention and reducing leaching to provide farmers with continued and sustainable growth year after year. 

Greater Growth with Less Water

Reducing fresh water use is crucial to the sustainability of our environment. ULTRA Biostimulants help sod grow stronger roots allowing the soil beneath to retain moisture so that less water is needed to keep lawns and fairways green.

Improved Growth

Grass obtains three of the four essential factors (air, water and nutrients) from the soil. The use of ULTRA Biostimulants delivers results in various growing environments, improving the water retention of sod and making it more drought resistant even in the most arid and sandy soil bases.

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ULTRA Biostimulants Garden​ 

Formulated for growing plants, vegetables and flowers  Ultra Bio Green Garden plant biostimulant enhances the growth of most plants, fruits, and vegetables. Our all natural and highly concentrated formula can safely be applied in certified organic gardens or yards, working well in all types of conditions and lasting for an entire grow-cycle.

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ULTRA Biostimulants for


ULTRA Biostimulants for


ULTRA Biostimulants for

ULTRA Biostimulants for


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