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CORN: Higher Yields and Speed to Market

Using ULTRA the corn filled out 18 rows around and 44 long adding two extra rows to the cob. This resulted in an average increase of 27 bushels per acre!


115-day corn filled by day 90. Shortening the growing time by up to 22 days adds an entire growing cycle to the year and reduces time-to-market by 25%.

Trial Conducted at Williams Research Farm, 2018

Hydroponic Grow Trial

Image: Tahoe OG at day 50


Heavier, larger, denser, and more trichrome rich buds are what all growers seek.  I clearly saw this happening during my tests, and believe it still has room to be even further improved by increasing the amounts and frequency of BPG used in my nutrients.  I firmly believe that BPG helps plants and trichromes reach maturity faster.

Hydroponic Grower

Greenhouse Grow

Image: Tahoe OG at day 50


The crop reached maturity to harvest approximately 3 full weeks quicker than other growers in his county.  (This also accounts, at least partially, for the dramatically reduced pollination and seed production in John’s crop vs. other growers in the county.)

Greenhouse Grower


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