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Growing Crops with ULTRA BIO GREEN


ULTRA Bio Green is a unique formulation synthesized by Richland Enviro Solutions. This biostimulant is not commercially available. By adding a full complement of bioavailable minerals, a complex of vitamins, essential plant oils, and extracts to enhance the growth and health of plants.


Our formula enriches soil with good soil bacteria, increases the CEC and Organic Carbon content, conditions the soil matrix which increases moisture retention and reduces leaching with benefits that grow year after year. 

Grapes Sketch.png


Grapes Green Sketch.png





• Increased Sugar Production

• Increased Photosynthesis

• Increases CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

• Speeds Plant Nutrient Uptake

Plant is Quicker to Maturity

• Improves overall Health of Plant

• Aids in Keeping Fertilizer in Root Zone

• Up to 25% increase in Height

• Sugar Purity increase by 3%

Easy and Efficient

ULTRA is powerful and easy to use and apply. For use on row crops, add 8 oz. per acre mixed with water. ULTRA will also tank mix with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and foliar fertilizers. The ULTRA formulation also enriches soil & soil bacteria, increases the CEC and Organic Carbon content, conditions the soil matrix increasing moisture retention and reducing leaching so benefits are year after year.

Farm health and greater sustainability.

Natural Growth Biostimulants was formed from the to protect Nature and the waterways. Reducing the harmful by-products of agriculture and conserving our natural recourses is at the core of ULTRA Bio Green and our company. Curbing the amount of man-made pollution while growing greater annual yields ofor farmers is our goal. Join us in growing a greener planet.


Bob Mark


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